Passenger Vehicles - How it works

SmarTire's light vehicle products are designed to provide accurate and up-to-date tire information at the driver's fingertips and activate an alert or warning when tire pressure or temperature irregularities are detected.

Once the SmarTire Transmitters have been installed, simply connect the Receiver and Display unit to the vehicles power source and the products are ready to go.

Now, SmarTire's monitoring products operate continuously, transmitting contained tire pressure and temperature data. When the vehicle is in motion, data is transmitted every 4-6 minutes unless pressure changes, then the data is transmitted within 5-7 seconds. Even when parked, SmarTire's transmitters continue to monitor your tires. The system goes into a "sleep mode, during which the transmitters measure pressure every 15 minutes. Data is transmitted to the receiver/display if the pressure drops below the factory or programmed level.

The flash demo on the right demonstrates how the system works with a Basic LED Display. The Transmitters continuously send tire information to the Receiver. When a tire problem is sensed, the data is transmitted immediately to the Receiver/Display. Once the warning is received for the right, rear tire, the driver pulls over to investigate the problem and get to the nearest repair center.

Full function display warnings

SmarTire's Full Function Displays add additional features to the Basic Display. The Full Function Displays provide digital tire pressure and temperature data as well as enabling the driver to adjust warning levels for specific needs. Driver's can scroll through each tire position and learn the pressure, temperature and pressure deviation readings for each tire.

With SmarTire's Full Function Display, the Tire Pressure Deviation Alert indicates that the pressure has dropped a selected amount below the programmed level. The alarm light turns on and alert icon flashes on and off. The alarm buzzer sounds once and the digital readout displays the amount of deviation (e.g. - 12Bar) from the required pre-set pressure.

The Low Pressure Warning indicates that the contained tire pressure has dropped further to the indicated level. The alarm light, warning icons and audible alarm turn on and off continuously.

The High Temperature Warning indicates that the contained air temperature has exceeded the programmed level. The temperature icon and audible alarm turn on and off continuously.

The flashing light and warning alarms can be stopped by pressing any button on the display .The warning light will remain on until the tire(s) are properly re-inflated.

When an alert or warning condition is detected, reduce the vehicle speed to an appropriate safe level and proceed to a safe stopping location or facility where the tire can be inspected and serviced.