Future of SmarTire:
SmartWave Wireless Vehicle Gateway Platform

Imagine having a wireless bubble around a vehicle within which technology can interact and communicate. Connected to the vehicle's Controller Area Network, this wireless bubble would allow new technology to be added to the vehicle without having to be physically hardwired to its communication network. Once a sensing or control device enters the bubble, it is seamlessly integrated into the vehicle. SmarTire's SmartWave Wireless Sensing Platform makes this new technology a reality.

Once solely dedicated to developing the world's leading tire pressure and temperature monitoring technology, SmarTire has recently expanded its corporate vision to incorporate bringing traditional, wired vehicles into the modern wireless age. No longer will vehicle applications be limited to the inconvenience of physical wires.

The first natural application for the SmartWave wireless platform is SmarTire's industry leading active tire pressure monitoring system. Future applications can be as simple as remote break sensors, axle load sensors, or refrigeration temperature sensors, to more complex applications such as wireless remote control of a telescopic boom. Connect this wireless network to the outside world with modern fleet maintenance telematics systems and a fleet supervisor could monitor vehicle diagnostics and maintenance for an entire fleet at the click of a button. The SmartWave wireless bubble can also interact with a vehicle's surroundings allowing a truck approaching its depot to automatically wirelessly upload its cargo manifest to the drop off point.

From load sensing, to remote diagnostics to automated vehicle maintenance, wireless technology will provide commercial vehicle manufacturers with the flexibility to develop new vehicle features not fiscally possible in a wired world and offer them to more people as a result of the reduced costs of wireless implementation.

SmarTire's new corporate vision makes all of this a possibility. The SmarTire SmartWave wireless platform is the way of the future.

Benefits of SmartWave to OEMs include:

  • Increased ability to meet customer needs
  • Improve time-to-market on new sensing applications
  • Diversify product offering and increase competitive advantage
  • Achieve monitoring of areas that were impractical with wired sensors
  • Reduce development time, production and engineering costs
  • Eliminate costly wiring harnesses and connectors

Benefits of SmartWave to commercial fleets include:

  • Increased uptime
  • Improved productivity
  • Decrease operating costs by actively monitoring vehicle and automating the maintenance process

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