Innovation in design, year after year..

In 1987, Truck Tech Corp. (now SmarTire Systems Inc.), was founded by three young entrepreneurs to research remote data sensing, transmission and processing technologies for the transportation industry. Headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, TTC soon acquired the outstanding shares of Delta Transportation Products Ltd., and developed an early wireless tire monitoring system for use on large ore hauling trucks in the commercial mining industry.

By 1989, TTC was filing patent after patent for its wireless sensing technology. In addition to patents, TTC landed a major contract with Komatsu Dresser, a leading supplier of heavy mining equipment. The company also gained public status by listing its shares for trading on the Vancouver Stock Exchange.

In 1994, TTC became UniComm Signal Inc. to support the development of tire pressure monitoring systems for markets outside of commercial trucking and mining. This goal further materialized in the form of a contract with Michelin Tires to develop tire monitoring systems for mainstream passenger vehicles. In 1996, UniComm acquired a division of EPIC Technologies in order to obtain additional tire monitoring patents, specialized testing equipment, and contractual rights including a production program with Ford Motor Company. Soon to follow was a contract that made UniComm technology standard equipment on all open wheel race cars.

In 1998, UniComm Signal became SmarTire Systems Inc. With the new millennium, SmarTire expanded its reach in new markets with additional tire monitoring products for both original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket customers. In 2001, SmarTire launched its second generation tire monitoring system for passenger vehicles and in 2002, a first generation product for motorcycles. In 2004, SmarTire launched a second generation product for recreational vehicles.

SmarTire's current goal is to recapture its past by focusing on developing innovative vehicle sensing and tire monitoring products for the commercial trucking and industrial vehicle industries.