SmarTire is an undisputed leader in the development of wireless and sensing technology. With over 19 years and 30 million spent in R&D, SmarTire has pioneered the technology and owns the patents behind tire pressure monitoring and wireless on-vehicle data communication. Through the application of a proprietary wireless protocol and custom chip design, the quality and functionality of SmarTire's technology is second to none.

Whether it be SmarTire's industry leading tire pressure and temperature monitoring system or the new SmartWave wireless sensing platform, the core of SmarTire's technology are its receiver and sensor/transmitter technology.

Wireless Receivers and Data Communication

The brain of the SmarTire and SmartWave systems is their receivers. Industrially designed for the harsh environments of automotive and commercial vehicles, SmarTire receivers are designed to capture wireless data from a variety of sensing applications in order to provide drivers and maintenance personnel real-time vehicle operational information. Using proprietary and industry standard (CAN J1939) communication protocols, SmarTire receivers can be integrated into any vehicle platform.

Sensor / Transmitters

The task of transmitting data through the tough exterior of a tire and the steel frame of a vehicle is no easy feat. By leveraging SmarTire's experience in radio frequency technology, the company has created one of the world's most robust and consistent tire monitoring sensor / transmitters on the market today.

Engineered and designed for universal application, the SmarTire transmitter is a combination of a custom integrated circuit and core radio frequency technology. It features a single, custom Application Specific Integrated Sensor (ASIS) that contains pressure and temperature sensing elements and a digital logic state machine that functions as its "brain". This unique single chip design provides black box data logging and optimizes power consumption to increase battery life.

Sensor Installation Methodologies

The methods of installation for SmarTire's diverse sensing technologies vary based on application. Tire sensors can be mounted to the rim using a stainless steel strap or by replacing the valve stem. To reduce the cost of breakage in the field, SmarTire's industrial grade strap mounted sensors feature a patented break-away cradle design. If damage occurs as a result of a tire fitter's inexperience with in-tire sensors, the inexpensive cradle will bear the blow instead of the sensor. SmarTire's non-tire sensor variants mount using two or three point mounting cradles.

Modular Display Options

SmarTire products feature modular in-vehicle display options ranging from simple indicator lamps to full gauges that provide access to real-time data. Variants include displays for passenger / light vehicles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles and off-highway equipment. The SmartWave sensing platform features communication on the CAN J1939 network accommodating seamless system integration on the manufacturing floor.

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