Industrially designed for the harsh environment of a commercial vehicle tire, the SmartWave tire sensor measures internal tire pressure and temperature every 12 seconds and transmits data to the receiver regularly every three to five minutes. If the system detects a pressure change of 3 PSI or greater, it breaks its regular schedule and transmits data immediately.

Sensors are easily installed on a vehicle's rims using a stainless steel strap and cradle. Proven on thousands of wheels world-wide, strap mounting is the simplest and most universal method for mounting sensors. SmartWave sensors are mounted in a patented, in-expensive, break-away cradle in order to reduce the cost impact of breakage. To save battery life, sensors activate when the vehicle begins a trip by means of a centrifugal switch.

Wireless Gateway Receiver


The SmartWave Wireless Gateway receiver captures transmissions from the sensors and then analyzes the data against user-defined settings. If it determines that a tire is under-inflated or running over temperature, an alert is automatically triggered. Robust and weatherproof in design, the Wireless Gateway can be conveniently mounted directly to the vehicle's chassis and can be connected to the vehicle's J1939 communications network to provide messaging for display and control functions.



Real-time tire pressure and temperature information is available to the driver on demand via the SmartWave display. Ranging from a simple warning light to and easy to read and simple to use interactive display that provides real-time tire status information, the SmartWave display will alert the driver to a low pressure of high temperature condition before it becomes dangerous.

Hand Tool


Maintaining tires in the yard is just as important as real-time tire information for the driver, but most TPMS systems don't take maintenance personnel into account. SmartWave's universal hand tool acts like an 'electronic billy-club' allowing maintenance personnel to wirelessly 'ping' a tire to measure its real-time tire pressure. The SmartWave hand tool improves inflation accuracy and reduces diagnostic time in order to keep every tire rolling cost effectively.

Configuration Software

The SmartWave System components can be easily customized to a specific vehicle by means of the SmartWave configuration software. Since no two vehicles are the same and different jobs may require different tire pressures, SmartWave can be easily customized to fit any vehicle or application.