Return On Investment

Tire Pressure Monitoring... Your Bottom Line.

Under-inflation increases the amount of fuel a vehicle burns and reduces the life of its tire's tread and carcass. When multiplied by the number vehicles in your fleet and the thousands of miles they travel per year, it is no surprise that under-inflated tires represent the single highest maintenance expense for a commercial fleet. Often neglected as a result of high costs and steep labor requirements, regular fleet tire maintenance can actually save you money when performed consistently and efficiently.

SmartWave Active Tire Pressure Monitoring

The SmartWave active tire pressure and temperature monitoring system is designed to take the hassle out of regular tire maintenance. The system provides both your drivers and maintenance personnel the tools they need to easily keep tires rolling as safely and cost effectively as possible. The system generates a rapid return on investment by maximizing tire life, fuel economy and road safety while reducing unscheduled downtime and the potential for dangerous tire blowouts or fires.

ROI Calculator: USA Imperial

Enter your information in the calculator below and an approximate return on investment for the SmartWave system will be generated. Since every fleet is different the value generated is only an estimate.

Company Information Units
Number of Vehicles: vehicles
Average Mileage per Vehicle: per year
Number of Tires per Vehicle: tires
Tire Inspection Interval: per month
Average Under-Inflation: %
Average Annual Downtime: instance for every vehicles
Tire Life (in distance): Miles
Fuel Consumption: US MPG
Default Values Units
Cost of Fuel (Diesel): $ USA dollars per gallon
Cost of Tire: $ USA dollars
Cost per Down-Time Instance: $ USA dollars
Service cost per vehicle: $ @ minutes/tire & $ per hour
XYZ Trucking Co. Normal With
Anual Tire Costs:      
Anual Fuel Costs:      
Anual Tire Maintenance Costs:      
Anual Downtime Costs:      
Annual Savings per Vehicle:

Values are calculated using the following:

  • 20% under-inflation reduces tire tread life by 25%
  • 20% under-inflation reduces fuel economy by 2%
  • 90% of tire failures are as a result of under-inflation
  • Almost half (49%) of all road side assistance calls are tire related
  • SmartWave TPMS will reduce tire maintenance time by: %

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