Motorcycles - How it works

Like the car system illustrated, SmarTire for Motorcycles receives tire pressure and temperature data from sensors installed inside the tires. The sensors transmit air pressure and temperature information while the the bike is motion. If tire pressure drops below the preset threshold, or if tire temperature rises beyond a threshold, the alert light is triggered on the display, giving the rider advance notice of a tire problem.

If the tire pressure inside the tire deviates 15% from normal, the ultra bright warning light will flash, alerting the rider to the condition. This flashing alert light will continue until the tire condition is retified. (i.e. the tire has been inflated to its proper cold inflation pressure.) The display will also show the affected tire and the amount of pressure loss. This pressure deviation alert takes into account the affect of temperature on the internal tire pressure (temperature compensated pressure) thus enabling the system to warn the rider even sooner of a tire problem.

If the tire continues too loose air and the tire pressure drops 25% from normal, the Low Pressure Alert is triggered, and the alert light stops flashing and remains constantly illuminated. The affected tire along with its pressure is displayed on the receiver. This Low Pressure Alert will continue until air is added to the affected tire.

SmarTire for Motorcylces also warns the rider if the temperature of a tire becomes critically high. If the tire temperature exceeds 176F (80C), the warning light will flash with the affected tire and temperature displayed.