Features & Benefits

SmartWave TPMS features:

  • Provides early warning of pressure loss before tire is damaged.
  • Temperature compensation provides highly accurate pressure deviation readings.
  • Simple installation, setup and configuration.
  • Robust, weatherproof components tested and proven in the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Interfaces with standard diagnostic tools and on-board communications protocols (J1939 Interface).
  • Can be installed at any point in the vehicle's life.
  • Display options range from simple warning light to full tire pressure/temperature information, highlighting wheel position.

With SmartWave on board, fleet mangers and owner operators alike will benefit from:

  • Reduced Down-time
    Tire failure in the field is costly and very inconvenient. Statistics show that 90% of all tire failures are a result of under-inflation and almost 50% of all emergency road-side assistance calls are attributed to tires. Accurate and consistent tire inflation can significantly reduce the cost of vehicle downtime.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
    Often operating in harsh environments and seldom in the shop for maintenance, regular tire maintenance for off-highway equipment can be difficult, time consuming and costly to perform. SmartWave TPMS reduces maintenance cost by making it simple to quickly check tire inflation for an entire vehicle, or a fleet of vehicles. Whether it be the automatic tire alerts warning the driver of an under inflated tire, or the 10 seconds it takes a maintenance person to ping a tire using SmartWave's innovative "electronic billy-club" maintenance tool, expensive tire maintenance will be a chore of the past.
  • Improved Tire Life
    The bigger the vehicle, the more expensive its tires. Often times the most expensive part of running an off-highway vehicle is the cost of tires. As little as 20% under-inflation will reduce tire carcass life by 30% and tire tread life by 25%. When tires are maintained at an accurate inflation value, their tires simply last longer. SmartWave TPMS can quickly pay for itself in tire costs alone.
  • Improved Safety
    Tire fires may not happen that often, but when they do, it is a disaster. When a tire catches fire, it is almost impossible to put it out and save the vehicle. With the primary cause of tire fires being under-inflation, the SmartWave system offers the peace of mind knowing that tires are always monitored and operating at their peak. By monitoring both pressure and temperature, SmartWave TPMS can provide tire alerts before the situation becomes dangerous.